Here are some resources that you may want to use to help you cope with the struggles of trauma.  There are a variety of files and brochures that you’re welcome to use as you need to.  Feel free to share them with your doctor, therapist, or other supportive person.  If you know another trauma survivor who would benefit from any of these, please feel free to connect them to what you think might help. 

Some of these resources are particular to the symptoms of PTSD and Dissociation.  ​All files are in .pdf format unless otherwise noted.  

Visualization is a technique that is used to reduce distressing symptoms by using your mind to create images that are soothing, comforting or peaceful.  It causes you to focus on this exercise and that removes worries, fears and other things at least for a temporary time while you work on being calm.

A Clear Day

This audio takes you through a visualization to help relax.  Try to get as comfortable as possible and pay attention to the senses of the audio.  Try to picture the sand and feel the sunlight.  Feel the breeze and hear the sounds.

The White Lion

This audio is another visualization.  This visualization is for safety.  Get into a comfortable position as you prepare for this visualization.  Picture the pool, the sun, and the white lion keeping watch to keep you safe.

Coping with a Flashback

If you are struggling with a flashback or to ground after a flashback, this audio can help guide you to ground.  It talks you through identifying things that are here and now.

Abuse Survivor Guilt

This audio addresses the guilt belonging to the abuser after child sexual abuse or sexual assault as an adult.  It speaks to the responsibility of the trauma and your responsibility.

A Prayer of Recovery

This audio is a prayer over you as a survivor on the journey of healing and the challenges of this journey.

Documents & Resources to Consider

The following documents provide some skills for coping and managing various symptoms of trauma.  Some of the documents are to help you monitor symptoms you may be experiencing.

Affirmations for Survivors

Brief Checklist of Trauma Symptoms

Grounding When Triggered

Personal Growth & Wellness Worksheet

Recovery Mountain Allegory

Relapse Prevention Plan

Scriptures of Comfort

Things to Do for Distraction

Trauma Mood Log (Month Version)

Pain Log (Month Version)

Sleep Log (Month Version)