Kristen Price

Kristen is the founder and director of Hope Recovery.  She is a survivor and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Indiana and Florida.  She has a passion for survivors of abuse and sexual trauma and is committed to providing a safe place of support for those who seek it.  Her personal and professional experience in healing from abuse and sexual trauma has given her an inside look at what many survivors need as they work on their healing journey.

Brian Bleakley

Brian is a retired professional chef living in eastern North Carolina.  He went to college for Psychology but chose a different path.  He is a survivor and has a great passion for encouraging and supporting others in their journey in life.



Devra Smith

Devra is currently working as a Measurement Analyst at a major oil & gas company. She has been involved in streamlining processes, data analysis & management for fifteen plus years. She was sexually assaulted in childhood & understands the impact trauma can have on an individual on a very personal level. Devra is committed to helping individuals who have been impacted by trauma in their lives. She is active in speaking at recovery programs, in feeding the homeless in her community & helping others. 



Georgia Muksauris

Georgia is a Greek language instructor and lives with her husband.  She is a strong and passionate advocate for survivors and is highly involved in her Parish.


Katie Windau

Katie is a data scientist, analyzing large amounts of data for business insights.  Having struggled with disordered eating and anxiety for many years, she is passionate about helping others to reach their own personal health goals, whatever they may be–mentally, physically, and spiritually.



Kristi Wittig

Kristi ministers to broken women, teaches God’s Word, is an encourager. She cleans and manages condos and homes.  In Kristi’s past she has dealt with physical, emotional, sexual abuse, divorces and autoimmune diseases.  Her desire is to help others heal and have an abundant life.