This internship is for students who are at least a sophomore in college studying a degree in the human services field which includes counseling, psychology, social work and related fields. Supervision is provided by a licensed mental health counselor or an MSW with at least 2 years of post-graduate experience. 


​Internships are volunteer, and the number of hours depend upon your campus requirements. We do not offer internships less than 10 hours a week.  Depending upon your hourly requirements of your university, other hours are considered upon request.  The basic internship includes the following:

Undergraduate Internships

  • Group Facilitation
  • Workshop Presentation
  • Curriculum Development (Workshop)
  • Supervision


Graduate Internships

  • Group Facilitation
  • Workshop Presentation
  • Curriculum Development (Workshop or Group)
  • Individual support or counseling (depends upon the intern’s location)
  • Intakes & Assessments
  • Supervision


Other internship opportunities depending upon hours include:

  • Registration/Data Entry
  • Grant proposal writing training
  • Marketing
  • Outreach



To Apply for One of Our Internships:

Complete the internship application below.

Your resume, cover letter, and unofficial transcript of your major courses are requested with your application.

We are not accepting anymore applications for the fall 2023/spring 2024 graduate students.  These spaces are now full.