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Hope Recovery operates primary on donations from individuals. 

If you know someone who is a survivor of trauma, consider honoring them by becoming a monthly financial sponsor.  Whether you can afford $100 or $10 a month, any amount is a gift to keep all support services free to survivors. 

Donations can be made by Stripe or PayPal via the button below, or by check or money order to
Hope Recovery
PO Box 411
Clinton, IN  47842


Survivor’s Share the Impact of Hope Recovery

My journey with Hope Recovery has been a truly life changing experience. I remember one of my group members telling me that the link just seemed to fall down from heaven at the exact right moment in her life. I had a similar experience, as I had been searching for community and support groups for abuse and trauma.

I began with a trauma support group and quickly added a domestic violence support Group to my weekly schedule. These groups provided the support and community that I was so desperately searching for.  Coming out of a very long difficult abusive relationship, as well as other trauma surrounding my children, I found healing and hope in my weekly groups. The members were caring, loving, compassionate and supportive. I found community and realized that I was not alone. Sharing stories and experiences helped me find purpose in my struggles and offered an outlet for me to positively impact those I came in contact with. The community groups also provide physical, emotional and mental outlets and opportunities for you to grow. The topics and conversations are always helpful and thought-provoking and the additional resources they provided we life savers.

Several months into my healing journey with the Hope Recovery I suddenly lost my fiancé.  Hope Recovery had a group and class for this as well. I joined their grief eight-week course and I truly believe that was a pivotal moment in my journey that helped me keep pushing through. I don’t know where I would be without this wonderful community of supporting loving individuals. I have triumphed over many obstacles over the past 15 years, and the one thing I’ve taken away and continue to tell others is that support community and connected relationships are really the way to begin the healing process.
Nicole King

I joined a support group for trauma earlier this year. I had a really difficult 2020 between my personal issues and COVID-19. Now, I’m in three support groups with Hope Recovery and they have been nothing short of life changing. I have received so much support from every group and have felt less alone during my healing journey. I had heard before joining that healing happens in community and I am grateful that I have found community with Hope Recovery.

Sam Koehler

​I am very grateful for Hope Recovery. I was going through a hard time mentally during the Covid lockdown and due to financial hardships- help seem to be far away. At my lowest point God led me to Hope Recovery were I found my family of sisters who provided a sounding board for me to express my pain. It was nice to be with people who are dealing with the same or similar issues. I no longer felt alone in my journey towards recovery. I feel heard, loved, and accepted. Groups have even strengthened the therapeutic process with my individual therapy because I’ve already processed my fears with the group prior to sessions. This organization saved me life.

I found Hope Recovery shortly after a breakdown. I arrived with a victim mentality, anger towards God, I couldn’t ask for help, I didn’t know I could have needs or what I needed. I was happy to accept the crumbs of support, I hated who I was, I had never met anyone who understood me. I felt alone in my suffering, blamed myself 24/7 for the abuse I suffered, I was running from my pain, I thought I was weak, I had been silenced all my life. I could not show up late to anything, I was a perfectionist, I could not do self care, and I felt stuck!

Now, however I am assertive, using my voice constructively to stand up for myself. I am angry with my abusers and building life afresh with God. I can ask for help when I know its safe to do so. I know what I need and how to communicate those needs. I know I deserve the best and refuse to settle for mediocrity. I am getting to know the real me and seeing some positives. I celebrate my successes. I have found a community of like-minded people and don’t feel alone anymore. I don’t always blame myself when things go wrong and can sometimes allow myself to make mistakes. I have learnt that people’s negative responses towards me says more about them than it does about me. I am facing my trauma head on. I am bouncing back quicker from triggers that take me to the past, once I receive support. I know I’m incredibly brave, strong and courageous to be doing this treacherous journey. I am able to attend groups after the start time without anxiety. I am a self care enthusiast! I am moving slowly forward and I’m proud of how far I have come!
Rebecca C

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